I was born and raised in El Pueblo De Nuestra Señora, La Reina De Los Angeles.  That's what L.A. was originally called when it was founded in 1781.  I grew up in the hills of Laurel Canyon, where I honed my skills as a coyote tracker and downhill skateboarder.  I spent my high-school years in the mountains of Santa Barbara where my interest in art and music took shape.  It was then to The University of Colorado at Boulder where I further developed my interests in snowboarding, tending bar, punk rock, and received a BFA in Film Studies.  Upon graduation, I returned to Los Angeles to pursue a career in show-business, and landed in the world of commercial post-production.  I was not quite able to throw in the towel on music however it was between band rehearsals, that I taught myself the art of compositing, eventually becoming a Flame Artist and VFX Supervisor.  Since then I've worked at most of the leading visual effects companies in Los Angeles and New York.  In August 2011 I signed with a52 and have been with them ever since.    

This site is a showcase for everything I do, think and feel like putting up here for you to see.  It is a constant work in progress so check back for updates and additions.  Please take a look around and enjoy.  Get in touch if you like what you see.  Thank you.